Strategic Acquisitions

Whether it’s to grow, expand or increase efficiencies – a strategic acquisition requires careful due diligence, planning and execution to be successful. Inquire now to learn how we can conduct strategic acquisitions and whether you and your business would be a good fit for it. 

distressed business acquisition

Distressed Acquisitions

If you’re stuck and experiencing issues with paying employees and bills, our accelerated due diligence process can help you save time, costs and liabilities. Contact us to learn whether your business would be a good fit for our distressed acquisition structure. 

succession planning for small businesses

Succession Planning

If you’re ready to transition out of your Small Business and transfer the leadership role, we can help you not only put together the right leadership team in place but also acquire your company to provide you with everything you need to move on. 

Nasdaq - take small business public

Take Your Small Business Public

If you are doing at least $500,000 of EBIT (Earnings Before Interest and Taxes) we can help you take your small business public. This will provide you with more liquidity, the ability to scale faster and provide you with a lot less risk.