Connecting Investors
with Entrepreneurs

We are a group of Investors who invest in small to medium-sized businesses. Our investment criteria focuses on businesses that have over $500,000 in revenue in the US, Canada, UK, Singapore or Australia. 

Our Mission

“The Small Business asset class is broken. Access to global capital for mature Small Business must be solved. We’re doing that by providing mature small business owners around the world an opportunity to be part of our unique investment solutions to grow their business and their wealth.”

Monty Elsabbagh

Founder of Small Business Investors

Phase 1

Due Diligence: Identifying Mature Small Businesses

Unfortunately, we can’t help everyone. So our mission starts by focusing on the segment of mature small businesses. We have assembled a global team of small business experts who personally understand and are invested in growing the potential businesses we invest in or buy. We honor the personal contribution and future of the original business owners we work with and find win-win-win solutions in every circumstance. For us, having a team that is all on the same page and builds on each others strengths is the key to success for everyone involved.

Phase 2

A Winning Deal Structure 

There are no two businesses alike. A winning deal structure starts with understanding your goals and motivations and ensuring a long-term culture fit.Our unique investment solution will provide mature small businesses the resources to effectively capitalize on the best opportunities to drive growth and expansion. 

Phase 3

Increasing The Share Value Of The Business

By being part of our unique investment solution, mature Small Businesses will have an opportunity to rapidly increase it’s value beyond the average valuation traditionally given. 

Our Simple Promise

To Secure and Grow the Future of You and Your Small Business

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