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Whether we are buying, investing in or merging small businesses, we understand what it takes to manage and grow a small business successfully across different industries.

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You have worked long and hard building your business and it’s now time for you to sell. Submit an application to start the process on the next page in order for us to consider acquiring your business. 

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You’re ready to start multiplying your growth and want funding to reach the next level. Inquire below to learn more about how our small business growth solutions can help. 

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Whether your business was affected by the pandemic or is facing continued cash-flow challenges, we can help manage, grow and operate your business with our partnership solutions. 

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“I owned a small business that I needed to sell and transition out immediately. The team at SBI was able to structure the best deal for my needs and would highly recommend them.”

Gary Lane – Regional Construction Services LLC

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Whether your business is growing, stagnant or declining, you as the owner must be ready in order for a deal to happen, even if your business is not. As business owners ourselves, we get it. Sometimes your business is your baby and it’s hard to part. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to sell, grow or bring on a strategic investor in your business now or in the future – As an owner, it’s important to be open and ready. . 

That is why we’ve developed the Ready Report: If you are unsure, this short assessment is designed to identify risks and opportunities, highlight win-wins, and shine a light on any unseen factors that could impact a deal being completed quickly. 

Creating a new chapter for yourself and the business should be one of the happiest days for all. Get ready to enjoy it.